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Data Analytics

Connexis is a powerful tool for collecting and organizing your court’s data, but that’s just the start of what it can do. Our system-generated Reports, Benchmarks, and Estimated Community Value features will help to optimize your conversance with the system, and they will help to show the stakeholders of your court just how valuable your work can be.

These videos will explain how we automatically combine the data you enter with the most reliable and recent figures from nationally recognized sources to calculate an estimate of your court’s annual economic contribution to your community. We’ll also show you how Connexis is using machine learning and natural language processing to take your analytics to the next level.

Key topics covered include:

  • Reports and Benchmarks
  • Estimated Community Value
  • Machine Learning and Predictive Progress
  • Natural Language Processing

We hope you enjoy these video courses. Like you, we are continually trying to improve our services, so please pass on any suggestions for new videos or features you would like to see. Welcome to fun world of Connexis Cloud!