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Program Compliance

Getting started down the path of compliance has never been easier. Simply put, Program Compliance is the process of documenting your requirements, ensuring the requirements are accurately represented in Connexis, and defining the rules and conditions for successful requirement completion.

The Connexis Program Compliance videos will guide you through our system navigation. You’ll see how easy it is to convert your court’s operational and strategic procedures and goals into actionable – measurable activities and events. Connexis provides a true collaborative foundation for client movement and tracking throughout the entire program. Once implemented, your team can quickly evaluate your current procedures and make improvements where needed.

Key topics covered include:

  • Connexis Navigation
  • Program Design, Requirements, & Movement
  • Tracking Client Progress
  • Collaborative Real-time Reporting
  • Continuous Program Improvements

We hope you enjoy these video courses. Like you, we are continually trying to improve our services, so please pass on any suggestions for new videos or features you would like to see. Welcome to the fun world of Connexis Cloud!